Polo Park Zürich

Polo club and training centre

PPZ – Those three letters not only stand for Polo Park Zürich but also for entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and development. Since it was founded in 1998, Polo Park Zürich has become the club with the most members and the most significant polo training centre in the whole of Switzerland.

The club is located at the edge of Zurich’s wine region, between Ohringen near Winterthur and Hettlingen (only a 20-minute drive from Zurich). Two full-size playing fields and one smaller training field are located on a flat area covering 15 hectares. These fields are used for polo every year from May until the end of September.

Polo ponies are kept in the club’s own stables, as well as at nearby farms. The ponies are cared for and trained by mostly Argentinian grooms, properly trained to this purpose.

Thanks to the club’s trainer and manager Francisco Podesta, a 3-goal player from Argentina, Polo Park Zürich has since the beginning received an excellent reputation as a leading polo training centre.