At Polo Park & Country Club Zürich, we are celebrating our 20th Years Anniversary, with high level of Polo and top quality events. Since it was founded in 1998, Polo Park & Country Club Zürich has developed to become the club with the most members and the most significant Polo training centre in the whole of Switzerland. Our new Clubhouse and stables are ready, which gives us once again the possibility to bring the club to its top level, not only in Polo, but also as social meeting point. This summer players from CH and all around  the world, ladies and gentlemen, will come and play at Polo Park Zürich and fight for the winning title of our multiple tournaments. We can surely expect exciting Chukkas and plenty of action. On the occasion of these special year, Polo Park & Country Club Zürich in collaboration with POLO+10, had produced a high quality anniversary magazines with contents from our history, Polo, lifestyle and business world. ENJOY!   and if you would like to have a print copy, contact the office, we will be very happy to send you one!