Polo conquers the world and comes to Zurich

Luxury 2016 (7)The origin of polo dates back more than two and a half thousand years and developed somewhere between the Euphrates and the Tigris and has since conquered the world. At the end of the 19th century, English cavalry officers, who were spending their holidays in St. Moritz, brought polo to Switzerland. Still today in the Engadine, it is very fashionable to play on a snow-covered frozen lake. Whether for competition or for fun, polo is also played in Gstaad, in Veytay near Geneva, in Bern, Zug, and in the Zürich region.

Polo Park Zürich is the biggest club in canton Zurich. It originated in 1998 through the initiative of the Zurich investment manager, Markus Gräff, who founded the club for a wide and interested circle together with his wife, Irene Gräff, and Manfred Schuler, especially addressing people who wanted to learn to play polo from the basics on up. Therefore, it is not surprising that within a short time, PPZ became not only the most active club in the country, but also the one with the highest number of members.

Meanwhile, the club has more than 30 active and stick & ball members and over 100 VIP members. Also, the Kids Club, which was founded in 2006, enjoys great popularity, ensuring that the young polo generation is properly trained in riding and game tactics.

Every level of polo can be played at the Polo Park Zürich. A varied program is offered with various training courses, club competitions, top-class tournaments (e.g. the Piaget Polo Open, Luxury Trophy or the Ladies’ Cup). as well as other sport and social events.